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Written By: The Lowdown - Jun• 29•13

front cover smallHave you heard of the Lusaka Music Society?


The Lusaka Music Society has been running and producing concerts for over sixty years. It was started way back in the 1950s , and has managed to keep going since then.


A lot of people who see the name, Lusaka Music Society, may think it sounds too formal to join. Well I am going to tell you that it is great fun and challenging, and if you are thinking about joining-you should! I joined in January 2012 after going to listen to many of their concerts. And I had never sung in a choir. I come from a family who have always loved music, had sung in school productions, but could not read music, but I thought I would give it a go.


At our first rehearsal (we were starting Mozart’s Requiem), I was handed sheets of papers with music on them and really didn’t have a clue  where to start. I think I uttered two mumbling notes throughout the whole rehearsal; I was right in front of our very patient, encouraging conductor, who luckily took no notice of my non participation! I nearly gave up and packed it in after my second rehearsal, but as I left the music room, the choir started a new piece and it was so beautiful, that I strengthened my resolve and went back the following week. I was determined, and slowly learnt.


I have now sung in four concerts (Mozart’s Easter, Fun Summer, Christmas and Mendelssohns), can  identify what crochets, quavers and minims are, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Our last concert (Mendelssohn’s Hymns of Praise – did any of you come to listen?), was a tremendous success, certainly aided by our 20 strong orchestra, trained by the very professional German cellist Theo Bross, and conducted by Moses Kalommo.


Singing in a concert with an orchestra is very thrilling and worth all the work that goes into rehearsals. Singing is great for the brain too – you use parts of the brain that may have been dormant for a while, and of course physically, singing is good for you. Singing gets you to practice breathing properly, which helps fill your lungs and keeps them working at their best. We all know that exercise gets oxygen moving to all parts of the body. Well, so does singing. It exercises major muscles in the upper body, and has the psychological benefit of putting people off lung harming habits like smoking.


Please come and join us, we are friendly, work hard and produce lovely pieces, and we need more members, both men and women. Rehearsals are once a week on a Monday evening, starting at 5.30 pm. If  you are interested please contact Moses on 0977 780-883.


P.S. We are also looking for musicians.



by Jackie Connor

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