Adding Events

Written By: The Lowdown

In order to add your events to our online Event Calendar, you will have to sign up to The Lowdown’s Webpage.

Step 1

Click ‘Add Event’ on the Lowdown ‘Planning An Event?’ page.

 Adding Events 1

Step 2

Click ‘Register’

Adding Events 2

Step 3

Enter a user name and valid email address.

A password will be sent to that email address within a few minutes.

 Adding Events 3

Step 4

Check your email for the password. This can be changed after login.

Enter your ‘User Name’ and the ‘Password’ that was sent to your email address.

Adding Events 4

Step 5

The first page to load will be your profile page, here you can set the following details:


First Name

Last Name

Nickname (Changing this gives you the option to change what name is displayed pubicly)

Contact Details:



Yahoo IM

Google Talk

About Yourself:

Biographical Info

Change your password.

After making changes to any of the above, make sure you click ‘Update Profile’

Step 6

Select ‘Calendar’ (located in the left had side bar)

Click on the date for which you would like to add an event.

Adding Events 5

Step 7

Add details for your event.

Fields in red are required for successful posting.

All Day – selecting this will create an ‘All Day’ event and will not allow you to add times.

Adding Events 6