You Gotta Be Crazy

Written By: The Lowdown - May• 31•13

Northern 2011 09 10 DSC_5138Why, I ask, would anyone want to walk one hundred kilometres in less than thirty hours through the day and through the night, up and down hills and through unpredictable but probably inclement British weather? This is exactly what Lusaka’s Ruth Puffett is going to be doing on 25 May where she is taking part in the London to Brighton Challenge. And she has a good reason for doing it too. She is raising funds for Zambian charity, FlySpec (see The Lowdown, September 2012).


FlySpec is a flying medical service which takes free orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery and more recently prosthetic and orthotic services by air, to disabled people in rural communities all over Zambia; places where such specialist surgery is not otherwise available. FlySpec was set up by Ruth’s father, John Jellis OBE, who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and his partner, Goran Jovic, a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. FlySpec is funded entirely by charitable donations.


The London to Brighton Challenge is an annual fundraising challenge where walkers and joggers register to raise funds for their selected charity.  They then obtain sponsorship and donations from friends and other well-wishers. This year, there are over 300 charities involved and participants have to pledge a minimum of £400 for their chosen charity.  Last year, 1,400 people participated and this year, they expect more than 2,000 participants.


Ruth has been ‘training’ for her long walk since the start of the year, first with just a few kilometres but slowly increasing them as she became fitter and built up her endurance and stamina. This, together with sheer determination is what has got her this far and is what will see her reach the finish line on 26 May.


If you would like to support Ruth in her fundraising attempt, please contact her by email at


Good Luck, Ruth!



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