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Written By: The Lowdown - Feb• 28•13

Staying Out
It is not everyday one stumbles upon an oasis, and certainly not in the midst of the tourist destination that is Livingstone. There are always things to do, places to see, it’s certainly a hectic environment where thrill seekers thrive! At the end of the day when all is said and done, the days’ adventures having worn us down, its nice to retreat to a home away from home, that home being The Green Tree Lodge.

After an unexpected late start, a gruelling seven hour drive, in a stuffy van with two bickering teenagers from Lusaka to Livingstone, we finally arrived at our destination, five hours after we were due mind you. We were warmly greeted at the gate by the owner, Andrew, and shown our rooms after some friendly chat.  Andrew then provided us with an extremely late but delicious dinner despite the fact that the dinner hour at the lodge was long over.

From the first interaction, the staff at Green Tree Lodge were efficient, flexible, happy to help in any way possible, even to go out of their way for our convenience to make the trip as smooth as it could possibly be, just short of, if not, perfect. The staff have certainly set the bar for hospitality, meeting high expectations, and exceeding my own expectations.

This is where I introduce Andrew – owner, manager, and head cook at the lodge. Andrew made us feel very welcome from the start, in that typical friendly Zambian manner. Andrew has only as recently as the start of 2012 come into ownership of the lodge, changing hands with previous owner, Hector. The staff of any establishment are only as good as its leader, and Andrew leads the way in the hospitality industry, willing to go far and beyond for the sake of his lodgers! Attentive to every persons needs, he is willing to be up at dawn to help plan and organise last minute activities, offer advice on the best places to see, where to find an adventure, and will organise transport to and from your destination, making your day as easy as can be!

Andrew having 15 years experience in England and South Africa as a commercial chef guarantees that any meal you choose off the lodge’s extensive menu is of exquisite quality, willing to cater to personal needs, preferences and allergies. I was fortunate enough to try his fish and veggie combination, and I can tell you, it’s the best I’ve tasted from here to Australia! With reasonably cheap prices, and excellent quality, you can’t go wrong. The dinning area is located in the main house’s back veranda, decorated with local art, has a decent bar, and a nice lounge and table combination to kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, with soft music playing in the background, the smell of amazing food, and chatter of friends or family.

There has been a noticeable improvement of the grounds since the new management has stepped up to the plate, creating the perfect haven for peace and quiet, for some rest and relaxation. Picture this … walking down a paved path, to an incredibly green garden, bursting with fruit trees and colourful flowers, butterflies lazing about, sun shining down on the bluest of blue pool water, the only disturbance is the sound of guinea fowl enjoying the freedom of this perfect little paradise.

The site is completely surrounded by secure electric fencing, with 24 hour surveillance, and staff manning the front gate at all times, so you get quick access, secure parking, and a safe environment.


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