Mulungushi in March

Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•13

Gentlemen, is one of your New Year’s resolutions to spend more time with your family or to spend a bit more time bonding with your son(s)? Why not join some other men for a Christian ‘Boy’s and their Toy’s’ weekend away?

The organiser, Conrad says ‘The idea is actually quite simple: We want to create an opportunity for guys to get together and have a good clean fun weekend, where guys can just do guys stuff, chill out, and have tons of fun. The theme for this event will be “Boys and their toys” … as in gadgets, boats, jet-ski’s, motor-cross bikes, quad bikes, fishing, parasailing, water skiing, etc and the plan is for as many guys as possible to bring these toys and allow others who may not have the opportunity to have fun, to do so also. Some guys may want to go birding (feathered variety) which is great and other may wish to explore the historical hydro powerstation of the bush around the dam. It’s a great time for dads to bring their sons for quality dad/son time. Of course the whole weekend is centred around a Christian message where we will have a guest speaker sharing with the guys about issues of manhood, fathering, friendship, parenting, Christian values, being a better husband etc. A local church from Ndola, Ndola Christian Fellowship, will be sponsoring the guest speaker for the event.’

One of the great challenges is to custom build a thirteen metre high platform which is erected for the men to jump off into the water below. The event will also be an opportunity to ‘network’ and form friendships to aid business.

Of course, if you are a business man and supply one of the many brands of ‘boys toys’ such as motorbikes or fishing tackle, this will also be a good opportunity for you to promote your product and possibly even pick up a few sales.

The month of March has been chosen because it suits the average farmer’s harvesting or planting schedule and should also be the tail end of the rains.

The plan for this ‘long’ weekend is for the guys to arrive on Thursday 7 March. The first sessions will be in the morning on Friday 8 March and the last or fourth session will be on Saturday 9 March in the afternoon.

Sunday will be time to pack up because whilst there are some private chalets that are available for renting, some may choose to camp and if the numbers are great, then the overflow will have to go into tents.

Meals will be prepared by participants themselves and what has happened in the past is that they have a braai going all day long and anyone who is hungry pops down to the fire and ‘burns themselves some nyama’

This event will take place at Mulungushi Dam just outside Kabwe which is a pleasant, relaxing venue for such a weekend ‘away from it all’.

For further information, contact Conrad on Tel 0977 573-626 or via email on

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