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Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•13

‘Pzazz’ at Zebra Crossings


Is there any wrong time for a pizza? We chose an early Monday lunch-time served hot, and first out of the wood-fired oven.  Zebra Crossings Café has always been a place to escape to for fresh platters and a good cup of coffee served in the open air. Authentic Italian pizza was probably the best complimentary next step and our ‘Napoli’ drenched in mozzarella and generously sprayed with olives and anchovies, was quite simply, great. We were delivered a crisp crunchy base, with no need for further garnish or ‘toppings’ that have become a rather annoying feature of Lusaka’s fast-food culture.


The restaurant area at Ababa House has given itself over to the able hands of new management with the launch of ‘Pzazz’s’ dinner menu Wednesdays to Saturday evenings. If you’ve been a regular at the Red Dot art exhibition openings that have become synonymous with the café, then you will probably be wondering what took them so long! Every exhibition is not only an opportunity to refresh on the Zambian visual art scene, but also a chance to nibble on the café’s house favourites. Now slivers of pizza backed up with the ‘Marika’ house of coffee are completing the picture if you will pardon the pun.

Wrought iron mosaic tables, kiddies corners and comfy sofas have not been sacrificed, instead notably more of the Zebra Crossing signature mixed seating is evident; indicating that the café is expecting more not less with their extended opening hours.


Owner-manager at ‘Pzazz’ has a healthy resume of experience, not only in owning, setting up and running restaurants in bothKenyaand theUK, but a cook himself and obviously excited by good food!  Home-made ice-cream; pasta (also home-made) which includes a ‘diavoli’ and tempting vegetable lasagna have made their way onto the day-time menu.


Half-way through this write-up, I caught myself realising that I’d left the meat-hungry high and dry…”Not fair!” I hear you. Well Simon has no apologies for his game-faring ways and is promising to deliver with buck, bushpig and other creatures of the wild on traditional and more experimental casseroles and braai’s. For more information please look up his four corners of the world space at and for bookings and reservations email: or tel: 0973 710-674.


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