Can The Lion Sleep Tonight

Written By: The Lowdown - Dec• 31•12

Keeping lions amused is a problem that few people have to worry about. But for the staff at Munda Wanga the importance of stimulation for animals held in captivity is an important part of the work they do. A lot of the animals are there because they were injured, sick, victims of the illegal pet trade, or were orphaned due to poaching and Munda Wanga try to create conditions that these animals would experience in the wild.


The latest addition to toys for the lions is not something that they would encounter in the wild – a soccer ball. But as we all know, balls are good fun and it is will keep them stimulated and entertained and may even help them hone their hunting skills.


This is not just any ordinary old ball though.  It is a specially crafted ball that can take the punishment that one would expect from being tossed around by lions and was designed and handmade by Alive and Kicking.


The ball was designed with cow hide panels to give it a look of the ‘wild’ and the reaction was very encouraging. When their new toy was presented to them, the lions were eager to fight over the ball, and definitely took an interest in the new addition to their enclosure.

Munda Wanga is  a Not For Profit organisation providing environmental and conservation education. They are assisted with this huge task by a large number of supporting companies, who donate a wide range of items, from fruit and vegetables, to carcases and shoes and internet time. Munga Wanga is in Chilanga along Kafue Road. By visiting the Park you are supporting environmental education and conservation in Zambia.


And now you can catch a glimpse of the lions playing with the ball or lazing under the tree.


Munda Wanga is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week.  On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, they offer a feeding tour which allows you to see the animals being fed and gives an opportunity to learn a bit more about each of the different animals.


Alive & Kicking are the producers of footballs, netballs and volleyballs, producing around 2,000 balls each month. The proceeds from the sale of the balls goes towards funding HIV/AIDS education programs. Alive & Kicking’s balls are available to buy at Munda Wanga including their new collection of animal print balls which include cheetah, lion and rhino.

If you are at a loose end over the weekend, trundle down to Munda Wanga and enjoy the peace and calm of the gardens there and then wander along to the lion enclosure where you will find the lions getting into shape, ready to take on Chipolopolo.

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