A Wild New Cereal

Written By: The Lowdown - Nov• 30•12

Most readers are already familiar with the It’s Wild brand of peanut butter, honey, rice and ground nuts. They will thus welcome the addition of a breakfast cereal to their already excellent range of products.

The It’s Wild Crunchy Multi-grain cereal will be on supermarket shelves mid-November. Made from maize, rice and soya, this product was developed with assistance from General Mills, the world’s second largest cereal producer and a Food Engineer from UNZA who worked together with It’s Wild’s own food Food Technologist. As with the development of any new product, different mixtures were used before the product was ready for marketing. The product was then subject to a survey where samples were offered to women aged between 22 and 50 who were already buyers of breakfast cereals as well as the families of staff of It’s Wild and their advertising agency.

There are many exciting aspects to the arrival on the market of this new products. The first is that is will be the only available locally produced breakfast cereal. It would be nice to say it is the first locally produced breakfast cereal but we should not forget the locally produced ‘cornflakes’ which were available in Zambia in the 80’s. The second exciting aspect is that this cereal is one hundred percent made from natural products; no preservatives or other synthetic ingredients have been used in their manufacture. The third feature is that the grains are produced by farmers who have been trained in conservation farming techniques and who use only organic fertilisers, employ proper crop rotation methods and use no chemical pesticides on their crops. The fourth factor is that the farmers who are producing the grains for It’s Wild are reformed poachers who have handed in their snares and guns and who are now producing and selling crops to support their families. For me, this last aspect alone is a good enough reason to buy this breakfast cereal.

In addition to the above, It’s Wild Multi-grain Breakfast Cereal is fortified with 14 essential vitamins and minerals, it is low in fat ad low in sodium. With soya as a component it is rich in protein with the maize and rice giving energy, fibre and vitamins.

It’s Wild products are produced by COMACO, a Zambian company dedicated to the conservation of our wildlife and habitat. COMACO is working with more than seventy thousand farmers in the Luangwa Valley, providing them with education, seeds and a market for their products in return for a commitment to a life without poaching. COMACO is truly a success story without parallel in Zambia and their products are marketed under the It’s Wild brand.

By purchasing this cereal or any of the other It’s Wild products, you are supporting COMACO’s farmers, helping to keep Zambia’s habitat pristine as well as protecting our wildlife heritage. What other reason could you possibly need to ensure that the next box of cereal you buy is It’s Wild Crunchy Multi-grain Cereal.

And with Christmas coming up, rather than giving your staff bonus’ in cash, why not put together a hamper of It’s Wild products for each of them, ensuring that they and their families can all enjoy It’s Wild’s range of products.


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