Kachere Goes Green at the Olympics

Written By: The Lowdown - Sep• 30•12

FrontcoversmallThe London 2012 Summer Games are done, gone and according to commentators, these were the greenest Olympics ever – they had a direct connection between sport and sustainability; energy, water and the environment. The entire Olympic Park was extolled for regenerating a derelict area which is now benefiting both wildlife and people. Congratulations to the UK on the Olympics!


Kachere Art Studio’s Alexis Phiri was among a group of 16 Coca Cola distributors from across Zambia that met their 300mls Returnable Glass Bottles sales targets. Their incentive was an all inclusive package to watch the London Olympics. Thank you Coca Cola!


But we would like to see you do more. As corporate social responsibility takes hold across the globe, big companies doing business in Zambia should take a leaf from the London Olympics; starting from cleaning up their own act to taking proactive steps to help, not only themselves, but also communities to Go Green, rather than just making money – we can do more.


Kachere, at the London Olympics, learnt what businesses can do to improve our world by investing in local communities, improving labour practices, greening our children, and generally giving back unlike the current trend in Zambia.  Look around you at how dirty and polluted our cities are becoming. The London Olympics were a success largely because of people giving their time, volunteers.  Where are our Zambian volunteers who are prepared to give freely of their time for the good of the community?


Kachere would like to see more people playing a part, no matter how small it may be, towards a green Zambia that will benefit and inspire future generations. Let us ask ourselves what are we doing to inspire our children? What are our leaders doing to inspire their children? What are the captains of industry doing to inspire today’s children?


And now onto our next project – highlighting the poaching of Africa’s Rhinos! Keep an eye on the car park at Longacres!


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