Those Dreaded Functions

Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

cover2001-01Have you ever tried to throw that perfect party to mark a memorable occasion? Like your child’s first birthday, or your parents’ surprise 50th anniversary? Or perhaps even your own wedding, or a business function. These can be complicated enough to plan, but what more if you want to do something a little different or creative -especially in Zambia.

Wouldn’t it be nice to call one number, and get confetti, speciality gifts, or that solo cellist!  Well, now there is a place in Lusaka that can organise any function and find you anything you need.

Functionize is a company started by Njavwa Sanderson. She is an innovative and creative young woman, formally trained as a jewellery designer and manufacturer. We say “formally”, because aside from her diploma in business management, she has been organising functions- and even emceeing and DJ-ing – since 1987, and throughout her 10- year stay in the USA. This has given her plenty of opportunity to learn what it takes to throw a successful function.

Her personal skills include art, flower arranging, interior decorating and landscaping. She feels though that her major assets are the ability to communicate with people and interpret their needs and requirements, to organise, to work well under pressure and, most of all, to rise to a challenge.

It seems as though we now have the answer a lot of us have been looking for. A single telephone call and not will you be able to find what you’re looking for to make that special event memorable, but you will also have someone to plan the whole function for you.  Call on Functionize, and leave the headaches to them!

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