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Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

Eating OutSt Elmo’s

With thirteen children for my daughter’s birthday sleepover, we decided that lunch at St Elmo’s, the new pizza joint in Kabulonga would be a good idea – the kids would enjoy it, and we could relax until their respective parents picked them up at 3 pm.

We hadn’t booked a table, which was not a problem as only four or five of the tables were occupied. They quickly set about rearranging the tables to accommodate us whilst we waited on the benches outside and chatted with one of the mothers who was joining us for lunch. Then I realised that I should have asked them to arrange a separate table for the adults, in the smoking section of the restaurant. Sorry, there is no smoking in the restaurant, but we can accommodate you at the tables outside the restaurant, where you will be able to smoke. This seemed fine.

Having been out in the sun all morning, we all needed an ice cold drink – a beer for my husband and friend and a soft drink for me, but no, we don’t serve alcohol.  In a country where a large proportion of the population like to partake of a bit of beer on a daily basis and where there is still a significant number of smokers, there will be many who will not patronise this establishment.

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