Always Check The Date

Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

cover2001-01We had a call from one of our readers recently who had noticed that the sell-by-date on the imported Vienna sausages being sold by one of our major supermarkets was long past.  This reader brought it to the attention of the management who duly removed all those sausages from the refrigerator.  However, on her next visit to the same supermarket, she noticed that none of the Vienna sausages had any labels indicating the sell-by-date.  One concludes that they had simply been removed and the returned to the refrigerator.  Please inspect the sell-by-dates on foodstuff or other items have a limited shelf life and perhaps suppliers could look for a way of stamping the sell-by-date on to the packaging which is not as easily removed as the little stickers.

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