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Written By: The Lowdown - Jul• 01•00

We’re almost there – this is the last item to do for this issue and we seem to have got over most of the hitches we had last month, technical and otherwise. I would like to apologise for an error in the June issue, when I credited The Studio for design of the front cover. This should have been The Bureau.

Many of the independent schools will be closed during July and August and I can hear parents asking what they are going to do to keep the kids busy for almost two months. You can relax; there are a number of events being arranged for them. These are listed in the Wots Happening pages. In addition, we have two reviews of places to stay – Bridge Camp and the Luangwa Valley. So if you can get away for a couple of days, why not try them.

Just by chance, I discovered that Sakeji School in the North-Western Province will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary this month. Not many Lusakans have ever heard of Sakeji School and certainly very few have travelled there. But if you are a past student, they would love to have you attend their Reunion.

This month I have included an article on the maintenance and repair of our roads. I can hear my friends saying ‘I wondered how long it would take until she started writing about this?’. Roads, road safety, traffic and overloading are my favourite subjects, but I shall try to restrain myself so as not to bore you.

We are often guilty of complaining and moaning about things that are not right in Lusaka and in Zambia as a whole. Yet, there is so much going on and so much of it is positive. I have been truly amazed by the bits of information that cross my desk. The Wots Happening pages have been expanded to include events in August – I believe this will help you to plan which events you are going to attend.

Another example of the good things in Zambia are our local producers, which we tend to overlook because of all the beautifully packed, imported products that are available and which seem to fill up all the shelves. This month, we have highlighted one of our local success stories under Build Zambia, Buy Zambian. If we want Zambia to prosper, we need to support our local industries that are producing comparable (and often, better) products. If you manufacture consumer goods locally, please contact us, so that we can review your products.

At the end of this month, we shall again be moving offices and I hope that this will be the last in a long time. Unfortunately, I do not have the new telephone numbers yet, so if you need to contact us, please call us on 701397.

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