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Written By: The Lowdown - Jul• 01•13
Vested In Love
By Marsha Moyo


Music reviews are not something that we usually do at The Lowdown, as we don’t feel qualified to undertake such a task. But when Marsha sent us her latest album, we thought about it and realised that music is a personal choice and whilst we might not have all the fancy terminology, we all enjoy music so what further qualifications do we need. And thus started a couple of weeks of constant music in the office with all staff members declaring which was their favourite track.


Vested In Love is a twelve-track release that traverses the R&B spectrum of jazz, urban, dance, pop and rock. All twelve tracks were written, composed and produced by Marsha. She is clearly a lady with many talents. But it is Marsha’s strong and vibrant voice that we admired the most and her ability to match her voice to the mood and feeling of the song.


Vested In Love is Marsha’s third album. Her first album, Dark Child, was released in 2002 and her second album, The Fine Print, 2006.


By the end of two weeks and multiple runs through the album, favourite songs have gone by the wayside with everyone now agreeing that each track on this album is their preferred choice.


An album which we can certainly recommend, regardless of your age – there is something for everyone.


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