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The Lowdown is Zambia’s longest running, continuously published magazine, having been published every month since May 1995 and over the years has built up a dedicated core of readers as well as being a sought-after publication for newcomers to Zambia.

The content of the magazine covers upcoming events, news and reviews of restaurants, hotels, lodges and other business establishments in Zambia as well as containing articles of local interest. Also contained in the magazine are regular columns, some of which are of practical use to readers and others which are both of general interest and/or humorous, providing light entertainment to the readership.

The Lowdown currently distributes around 4000 copies per month which are dispatched countrywide, with the magazine being sold in major chain stores and supermarkets as well as bookshops, coffee shops, gift shops and other niche retail outlets.  Although most of the copies are sold in Lusaka, they are also available in the major Copperbelt towns, Livingstone, Choma, Mazabuka, Kabwe, Mfuwe, Solwezi and Mbala.  Copies are also sent to readers outside of Zambia and complimentary copies are placed in a number of hotels. Thus advertisers are assured of exposure to a wide and diverse audience.


The purpose of the Lowdown is to provide information to all people living in Zambia and Zambian-born editor, Heather Chalcraft, and her staff strive towards achieving this goal each month.

Conditions: The articles and photographs contained in this magazine are copyrighted to The Lowdown. Articles may be used in other publications or reproduced on condition that credit is given to the source and we are provided with a copy of such reproductions. Photographs may only be used with the express written permission of The Lowdown. While reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of advice and information given to readers, the Lowdown, its advertisers and printers cannot accept responsibility for any damages or inconvenience that may arise therefrom. Any material sent to us will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and will be subject to the Lowdown’s unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially. The views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily those of The Lowdown.

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