Boys Will Be Boys

Written By: The Lowdown - Jul• 01•13

With the current cold spell that we are experiencing in Lusaka, we have to admit that it sounds like a wonderful idea – a day running around in the bush, dressed up in long sleeves and long trousers. It will certainly get one warmed up.


Even better though, shooting people could well be a wonderful stress reliever.


But, before I get arrested and charged, let me clarify.


Shooting people with Paintballs.


This Paintball Competition is being held as a fundraiser to send David Reeve back to Dakar in 2014 so that he can finish his unfinished business. That is the Dakar Race which he attempted last year but did not complete due to an accident which resulted in a broken leg. Some of the funds raised will also go into the development of motorcycle sports in Zambia.


Entry into the Paintball Competition is for teams of six players. But if you can’t get a team of your mates together, you will not be excluded. Make your way down to Mazabuka and join a team when you get there.


If you have never played Paintball before and don’t have any of the kit, including the safety kit, do not feel excluded. All kit will be provided and there will be people to show you the ropes and brief you on the rules. Also available for purchase will be additional Paintballs over and above those included in your entry fee. You can play all day if you wish.


As with all events in Mazabuka, there will be a well stocked cash bar and catering available. Let us assure you, if you have never attended a function in Mazabuka – those ladies know how to cater.


Camping facilities will also be available and we recommend that you travel there prepared to camp; after a few hours out in the bush shooting at moving targets, you will want to recoup and by the time you have done that, the party will be ramping up that you won’t want to drive back home. Better (and safer) to stay there, have a good party, imbibe Mosi to your heart’s content and make your way on foot to your tent for a night’s sleep.


The competition starts at 9 am and is being held at the Mazabuka Tennis Club. Entry is K 200 per player which includes Paintball Markers, Paintballs and safety kit.


So if you are cold, stressed and wanting to relieve frustration, then you should be heading down to Mazabuka on 3 August for a day of fun which is guaranteed to warm you up and have you completely relaxed by the end of it.


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