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Written By: The Lowdown - Dec• 31•12

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Lusaka City Guide


At last! A City Guide which gives you tips on everything from where to go for an evening drink to what to do if your pet gets sick. Want to buy some chitenge fabric or find some fancy dress gear?


Or do you just want to book a table for an evening dinner out and need some up-to-date contact numbers? The Magic of Zambia Lusaka City Guide puts vital information at your finger tips, and is about to hit a store near you.


Whether you are in the capital city for a few days, months or years, the guide will have something in it for you. It’s also intended to promote smaller businesses and put lesser known places around town in the spotlight – like where to go for a good dish of nshima and relish!


Magic of Zambia was founded as a company following the success of the first Magic of Zambia Traveller’s Guide to Zambia published in 2000. Our dynamic team is passionate about Zambia and everything that the country has to offer.


Through our publications – including the Best of Zambia coffee table book – we work with local partners and clients to showcase development throughout the country and bring business success to the fore. We highlight what is possible in Zambia.


The Lusaka City Guide will be updated annually, and while we’re sure you’ll find a lot in there to keep you going, we’re always looking for ideas and content for following editions. If you know of a great little restaurant tucked away that we should put on the map, or have a few tips for travellers and new-comers, then we would love to hear from you.


We have also partnered with VibrantAfrica – an online urban city guide – to bring you the best of what’s happening in and around town online. We will be at their official launch at Roma House on December 5th.


We are always looking for businesses to showcase and partners to put in the spotlight. Do you have a story to tell us? Visit our website, or come on board one of our exciting publications – and let us showcase Zambia together!  Watch out for the Lusaka City Guide and get your copy soon.


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