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Written By: The Lowdown - Oct• 30•12

logo Book ReviewA Wake of Vultures

by Mary Earnshaw


This is a book that draws its excitement from the hazards, isolation and intrigues of life in the bush. Mary Earnshaw locates her novel in the South Luangwa and her characters and set are believable for anyone who has had the opportunity to visit one of our many game parks in Zambia. So it goes without saying that it also offers a panoramic view for the uninitiated.


The story begins with a murder and then trails the lives of safari operators, their staff, and Zambian colleagues in the local security agencies. It successfully intertwines their relationships with the daily life which envelop our camps.


Forming a diversionary backdrop are the visiting bands of student-tourists that have become a common feature in recent times, so the novel has a contemporary currency that is refreshing. We’ve come a long way from Hemingway’s day! But as they say: ‘Plus ca change…plus c’est la meme chose!’ and the plot and its characters eventually take recognisable shape in ‘not-too-predictable’ turns of events.


Purchase your copy from Planet Books, Arcades in Lusaka for K150,000, alternatively, look for the book through publishers ‘Cosi & Veyn’ (an imprint of Western Academic & Specialist Press) ©2012. Twenty-five percent of the profits from the sales of this book go to the University of Liverpool Africa Endowment Fund established by Mary’s husband for the purpose of building a heritage centre in the LuangwaValley.


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