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Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

cover2001-01My husband and myself wanted to visit Manda Hill to do some Christmas shopping and decided to try the Pearl Haven Inn for our two night stop over.

On arrival we filled in the usual forms, was shown to the deluxe room which wasn’t too bad, apart from the door which left old scars of a gemi. We went to look around Manda Hill which left us agape, nothing like this in little Chingola, arrived back at the Inn around 5 pm, quick shave, shave shampoo job and off to the pool bar for some refreshment, the drive from Chingola and the excitement of Game told our stomachs food. The waitress very kindly told us dinner started at 6 pm, great by 7.30 pm we were given the menu, we ordered the best on the house, (Cape prawns). 8 pm the bubble burst. We weren’t allowed in the restaurant as it was full, no private function, just non residents. Our food was brought to the table, plates of prawn heads on a bed of soggy rice and very few prawns, never mind says my husband it’s been a long day let’s go to bed.

Five minutes to midnight the telephone rang in our room, could we please move your vehicle as it’s blocking the entrance. Our Pajero was parked right outside our door blocking no entrance. We tried to get back to sleep but to no avail cars coming and going, voices carrying laid until 04 am. It was no use by 5.15 am I got out of bed to make coffee even that was in short supply. Hubby and I went for breakfast 7.30 am, on entering the dining room, it truly was a sight for sore eyes. The chef was in a befuddled state of mind, dressed in a dirty skipper and trousers trying to get himself together surrounded by empty glasses, beer bottles and the remains of left over food. Exit stage right we didn’t want breakfast anyway.

We had a good time at Manda Hill, went to O’Hagan’s for lunch which we enjoyed, arrived back at the Inn late afternoon, got changed to go for a swim, the bar area was quite busy, so we tried to find a fairly decent place along side the pool, needless to say it was difficult girls coming inside like this was the only place to go, time to go to our rooms and watch T.V.

Sunday morning we were up early, wanting to head back to Chingola before the traffic got heavy. The security guard informed us that reception opened 7am. Well we put all our gear into the Pajero and waited. We are quite patient people but by 7.45 am the straw broke the camels back, we sent the security guard to find somebody, anybody so we could pay the bill and push off. The very some chef come, receptionist came stumbling from around the back looking like he ‘d been on the tiles for a good few nights unkempt wasn’t the word for his appearance. After a few attempts to open the door to the reception, he slid over to the cabinet found the file with all our info., couldn’t convert the Kwacha rate to the dollar. I paid our bill which gave them a profit of US$ 15 being no change.

Pearl Haven Inn, Classic Hospitality, I think not.

Ruth Peggy, Chingola


(We contacted Pearl Haven for a comment on this letter eleven days before going to press, but no reply was received.. Ed)

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