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Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

cover2001-01A Sweet Year For Zambia Sugar

The sweetest place in the whole of Zambia was sweeter still when it was announced towards the end of November that a new all time record of over two hundred and nine thousand tonnes of sugar had been produced by Zambia Sugar.

.”We have two hundred and nine thousand, two hundred and seventy reasons to be happy this year” said MD Tim Lodge at a function organised to celebrate the record crop this year, He went on: “We haven’t just overtaken the previous sugar production record, we’ve smashed it! There is no one person who achieved this fantastic feat – it was all of us working together. Tim went on to say that Zambia Sugar has been consistently one of the top performers in the region, – which includes S.A., Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Malawi – in terms of percentage sugar in cane, and sugar yields per hectare. “We now have to concentrate all our efforts on paying off debts and continually reducing costs so that we can become the lowest cost producer in the region, ahead of our biggest competitors, Malawi and Zimbabwe. And then we have the COMESA Free Trade Area to worry about…. In other words, ” Tim pointed out, “This crop is still only the beginning of what we have to do! “

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