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Written By: The Lowdown - Jan• 31•01

cover2001-01A delegation from Zambia recently traveled to New Delhi, India to the Progress, Harmony and Development Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) Invest-Meet forum which was followed up with a series of one-to-one meetings. Also at the meeting were delegations from Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria Kenya Algeria and Uganda.

Speakers from Indian Oil Company, Bank of Baroda, Exim Bank and other notable organisations presented options for Indian investors to African countries as well as highlighted areas where India is looking for investment.  This was followed by the leaders of African delegations marketing their countries.

Most African delegates received more than thirty requests for meetings so were kept very busy during the one-to-one session, during which individual interests were identified and discussed. Strategies and pricing structures were agreed upon, and post visit commitments were made. The response was so overwhelming that not all one-to-one sessions could be managed in the allotted morning.  The afternoon session was dedicated to factory visits arranged by the PHDCCI but again, it was not possible to visit the many factories that were on the programme.

The India-Africa Invest-Meet should produce some useful results in the manufacturing sector, where we should see new relationships develop between the African business community and the Indian resource pool which will lead to economic growth of our industries, job creation, skills development, and the ultimate empowerment of Zambians.

The Zambian experience in New Delhi coupled with support from the relevant government departments and financial sectors in Zambia should culminate into a first step towards steering the country in the direction of sustained economic growth and human resource development. The opportunities have been laid on the table, and it is now time to talk business.

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