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cover2000-11In 1981, Di and Fergus Flynn started Kafue Fisheries on two hundred and fifty acres of undeveloped land on the banks of the Kafue River. At present, Kafue Fisheries consists of three different enterprises – the integrated pig and fish farm, the game farm and Lechwe Lodge.

The pig and fish farm, the largest of its type in Africa, supplies high quality pork and fish to the local market, using an integrated system of production. All waste from the pig housing is drained into ninety-five acres of man-made fishponds. This waste promotes the growth of plankton on which the fish feed. Kafue Fisheries stocks three different types of fish, carp, bream and barbel. Freshwater crayfish have recently been introduced to the farm as part of a new venture.

Kafue Fisheries’ commercial game farm was established in 1988 and was the first of its kind in Zambia. It has expanded to enclose four thousand acres of varying vegetation types, from floodplain grasslands to Brachystegia woodlands, all surrounded by approximately fifteen kilometres of electrified perimeter fencing. The first animals were captured in  Lochinvar Game Park and the farm now supports seventeen different species of antelope, including a family of giraffe. In order to ensure a broad genetic base, antelope are bought from and sold annually to other established game farms. Over four hundred and thirty two different species of bird have been recorded on Kafue Fisheries land. The floodplain is often visited by saddlebill stork, osprey and flocks of various species of wild duck and geese. The farm is a favorite stopover for many migratory birds and rare visitors such as the avocet, Caspian tern and grey plover can be seen on the mud flats. There are viewing platforms positioned along the river to provide observation points for the unusual wetland habitat, or to watch the sun setting over the Kafue Flats. There may even be a chance to see the elusive Sitatunga emerge from the reeds.

Lechwe Lodge was built in 1990 as a source of revenue for the game farm. It is situated within the Kafue Fisheries private game farm and provides guests with the perfect opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy the natural environment. A waterhole, overlooking savannah woodland, is the centrepiece of Lechwe Lodge’s well kept grounds, where various antelope come to drink. The Lodge offers a guest the chance to unwind enjoying the friendly service, farm fresh food, a swimming pool and comfortable accommodation. As an alternative to a game walk or drive with a qualified guide, guests are also offered the opportunity to horse ride through the beautiful game farm or to simply spend the day fishing in the dam.

The farm has a dry season airstrip with a twelve-minute air transfer from the Lusaka International Airport. To drive from Lusaka to Kafue Fisheries takes about one hour, and the company also provides a road transfer service.








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