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Written By: The Lowdown - Sep• 30•00

Mutt Cuts is a small business which caters for the grooming requirements of pet dogs. It was started by Siobhan Watson in May 1997 after taking a grooming course in South Africa. Since then it has had 353 different dogs through it’s doors of 38 different breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards. In all it has carried out 1,700 different grooming sessions. It has to pay tribute to its longest standing client a maltese poodle cross, namely Muffin Franks, who has been for grooming 48 times.

A log is kept with details of all muttley clients. Each dog is referred to by its own name along with the owners surname. There are therefore some side splitting combinations: Fluffy Patel, Chewy McLeod, Scooter Adams, Toto Mwanakatwe, Chuchu Casilli, Fudgie Marsh, Happy Joyeux, Spooky Patterson, Fuzzy Friend, Geza Van Blerk, Scruffy Mouritzen, Wacky Franks, Droopy Joshi! Siobhan herself is not much better with animals called Diesel, Widgit, Doogles, Shitey and Cockeye Watson (and I thought my boxer, Slobodan Chalcraft, was bad).

Grooming involves removal of parasites and of hair and dirt from the ears and between the pads of the feet, brushing out the dogs coat, clipping of the nails, washing, dipping, and hair styling. (Mutt Cuts is also trained to do the show cuts of the different breeds). It is vital for your dog’s health and well-being to be groomed regularly. Grooming charges range from US$ 9 to US$ 20 depending on the size of the dog and the type of coat.

Mutt Cuts also sells grooming products and Doggie coats from time to time, engraves and sells custom-made dog and cat tags, and on behalf of Cold Chain Ltd, sells pedigree chum pet food. It also sends out 200 newsletters every 2 months informing clients (the human ones) of items of information relating to pets – Vet Clinic and Animal Welfare Numbers, new pet food for sale, animals looking for homes and people looking for animals plus any other items of interest relating to pets.

Mutt Cuts operates Monday to Friday from 8 am and is situated on the Leopards Hill Road next to the American International School, Lusaka. For appointments call 260-313.

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