Sakeji School celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

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Sakeji School this month celebrates its’ 75th Anniversary. The school, which takes its name from the Sakeji River, a tributary of the Zambezi, is about 70 km north of Mwinilunga and about 600 km from Kitwe. It was founded in 1925 by Dr and Mrs Walter Fisher, initially so that missionaries in that area would not have to send their children away to school, and currently enrolled at the school are four of their great-great grandchildren. It is built on a low hill overlooking the Sakeji River, which provides not only hydro-electricity for the school but also a pleasant recreational environment for the 90 or so students, between the ages of 6 and 13, enroled at the school.

The Anniversary activities will take place from Wednesday 19 July until Saturday 22 July. The guests of honour will be Mrs Joy Molyneux (nee Gammon) and David and Pauline Foster. Mrs Molyneux was the first pupil enrolled at Sakeji in 1925 and is now in her 80s. She will be travelling from the UK for the event, accompanied by one of her sons, Gordon, who was also a student at Sakeji. David Foster was the Headmaster of the school between 1975 and 1994 and he and his wife will also be travelling from the UK to attend the Anniversary celebrations.

Former pupils and staff members from Europe, North American, New Zealand and, of course, Zambia and other parts of Africa, representing each decade of the school’s history, are expected during this week.

Planning of the Reunion started at least a year ago and those attending will be staying at the school, whether in tents or the main school buildings, during this period. The Principal, Matthew Raymond, has asked that local visitors bring tents and camping equipment, so that overseas visitors can be accommodated indoors, but if you plan to attend these celebrations, please register in advance with the school or with one of the persons assisting with co-ordination.

The activities commence on Wednesday with the official opening of the Administration building, followed by the Annual Dry Season Concert. On Thursday, a Service of Thanksgiving will be held, followed by a tour of the school and trips to places on interest in the area and then the showing of some Sakeji films, and singing, as well as skits and reminiscences by guests. Friday’s activities will be much the same and the Reunion will come to an end on Saturday after final devotions and lunch. In between the formal activities, there will be time for guests to meet informally and renew their friendships with their former classmates.

Sakeji souvenirs will be on sale throughout the Anniversary and anyone having memorabilia or wishing to contribute a paragraph or so of their memories are invited to do so, and these may be included in the  anniversary booklet.

If you are a former pupil and have not already made arrangements to attend the Anniversary, its’ not too late to do so now. The school which I attended celebrated its’ 100th birthday whilst I was still a student there and it was something I would not have missed. One had a feeling of being a part of something worthwhile – a part of a long-established tradition and a part of the country’s history. So take the time and pay a visit to your Alma Mater.

Sakeji, we wish you well and look forward to celebrating the next milestone in 2025. May you go from strength to strength.

For further information, contact: Sakeji School,  Satellite Tel:  +873-761-338668 (a only),  Satellite fax: +873-761-338669



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